Fabricant d'appareils respiratoires à ventilation assistée.

CleanSpace Respirators - A Revolution In Respiratory Protection
CleanSpace Respirators offers the highest level of protection for those on the frontline.
• Offer the highest level of protection (99.97%)
• Reusable and cost-effective
• Comfortable and lightweight (500g/1.1lb)
• No hoses, belts or waist-mounted battery packs
• Have an easy one-button operation
• Provide up to 8 hours run time
• Feature Smart AirSensit ™ Technology
• Have a soft silicon mask
• Available in 48 countries
CleanSpace Technology has designed a range of respirators for the industrial, construction and utility sectors, as well as the healthcare, pharmaceutical and laboratory sectors.
• CleanSpace EX - Intrinsically Safe, certified for use in potentially explosive environments
• CleanSpace Ultra- Combined with full face mask for eye protection and IP rated 66, making it water tolerance
• CleanSpace2 - The original model suitable for most working environments where water tolerance or intrinsic safety is not required
• CleanSpace HALO - The latest respirator suitable for healthcare, pharmaceutical, laboratory environments. CleanSpace HALO provides high level of protection, IP rated 66 and more economical than disposable masks

CleanSpace HALO uses AirSensit ® technology enabling the smart, breath-responsive system to deliver cool fresh air-flow that eliminates fogging and heat, while the soft transparent facemask allows for easy communication. Staff are more comfortable as they no longer have hot, moist masks and disruptive fogging which improves compliance and productivity and offers more protection.

CleanSpace Respirators are NIOSH and CE Approved. Available with high protection APF 50 (Half Mask) and APF 1000 (Full Face Mask).


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